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Annual maintenance at Kieselmann

Targeted production stop as a strategic instrument

Dietmar Kappus

Dietmar Kappus, Production Manager at Kieselmann GmbH

Everyone wants to avoid downtime, but shutting down production for extra days to do so? “Yes,” says Dietmar Kappus, production manager at Kieselmann GmbH, and not only to prevent operational downtime, but also for the systematic safety of employees.

Kieselmann GmbH, headquartered in Knittlingen in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, employs nearly 350 people on 23,00 m2 of production space and produces process components and systems for liquids and pasty media that are used primarily by breweries, dairies, distilleries, in food and beverage companies, and in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Unaccustomed calm settles in the 50 turning and milling machining centers once a year. The production manager explains, “It’s all about a certain safety factor. Tens of clamping operations are carried out every day. For us, clamping devices are the be-all and end-all, and they have to be maintained. So on the one hand the safety aspect is important, but above all the reliability. This means we have less machine downtime during the year due to clamping equipment failures.”

In most cases, machine and clamping device manufacturers offer maintenance for their products themselves. However, organization is simpler with a manufacturer-independent service provider such as SWT Services, as a single provider can thus take care of complete production areas with different lathe chucks. Dietmar Kappus has therefore been relying on SWT’s comprehensive maintenance service once a year since 2013.

Maintenance at Kieselmann

Production manager Kappus (left) and Jörg Ehrenfeld (right) at Kieselmann GmbH in Knittlingen.

Through its maintenance contract with SWT Services, however, Kieselmann GmbH not only benefits from less organizational effort, but also from lower costs thanks to a discount system. In addition, the component manufacturer can rely on qualified technicians being on standby at the required time and on the price remaining fixed for the entire duration of the contract. The services can be tailored to individual wishes and needs.

“A win-win situation,” says Dietmar Kappus, for whom trust in external service providers is particularly important and who, based on his good experience, intends to continue the maintenance contract with SWT Services. Since the regular maintenance, he has recorded significantly fewer failures – a good feeling for ongoing production and the safety of his employees, and thus worth an annual shutdown.

Employee anniversary

Thank you Marika Armbruster!

anniversary Marika Armbruster

Mr. Ehrenfeld (left) , Mr. Pfeiffer (center) and Mr. Brenner (right) congratulate Mrs. Armbruster

Immediately after graduating from school, Marika Armbruster joined SWT Services in 2011 for an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, where she graduated with first class honors after 3 years, becoming a Chamber of Commerce winner. Still today she does an outstanding job, takes care of all matters in the office and enriches the team and our daily work routine with her conscientious, sunny friendly manner.

Therefore, on 01.09.2021, she received a personal thank you from the management on her 10th anniversary, in addition to flowers, a bottle of sparkling wine and a small token of appreciation for her many years of reliable work.

We are looking forward to further cooperation in the years and decades to come!

The SWT Services Team

Cycling campaign for climate and health

SWT Services supports the commune of Ilsfeld in the STADTRADELN 2021 with its own team.


city cicling campaign

SWT employees pedal for the city cycling campaign

The environment needs our willingness to change. SWT Services wants to help protect the climate. That’s why the “STADTRADELN” campaign was a great opportunity for us to rethink ingrained habits and make a conscious decision not to use the car.

STADTRADELN is a campaign of the “Climate Alliance” – a network of European municipalities in partnership with indigenous peoples that develops local responses to global climate change. In 2012, STADTRADELN was launched for the first time with 166 municipalities; by 2021, more than 1,600 municipalities from five nations were participating. Local politicians and citizens pedal together and compete for 21 days between May and September.

SWT Services registered its own team for the commune of Ilsfeld for the first time in 2021 and, with 14 participating cyclists, was able to clock up more than 2,300 cycling kilometers during the campaign period from June 26 to July 16 and was thus pleased to take 4th place among the 15 registered Ilsfeld teams. 340 kg CO2 were saved by not using the car – despite the rainy weather a successful start, which we hope we can increase even more in the coming year.

Enhancement at Leuco N.V. Belgium

Installation balancing machine

Jörg Brenner from SWT (left) and Mr. Vande Vyvere from Leuco N.C.

Installation of a new balancing machine

In 2014, we performed our first balancing machine maintenance at Leuco N.V. in Belgium, gaining a longtime loyal customer. Since then, we regularly visit the Waregem facility for the annual maintenance of the balancing machines there.

Now the two old ACURO TD models were reinforced by a new Tool Dynamic TD Economic Plus, which was professionally installed on site by our service technician Mr. Brenner in mid-January. In addition to the usual installation, inspection and training of the operating personnel, SWT also took care of the modification of the standard model according to customer requirements. Thus, the machine was equipped with a special industrial panel PC, which significantly increased the ease of operation and flexibility.

Employee Anniversary

Thanks to Swen Lauterwasser

Anniversary Swen Lauterwasser

Mr. Ehrenfeld, Mr. Brenner and Mr. Pfeiffer (from left to right) congratulate Mr. Lauterwasser (2nd from right)

10 years ago, Mr. Lauterwasser started with a mini-job at SWT Services and at the same time graduated from a technical school in Ludwigsburg as a state-certified technician for mechanical engineering. In the meantime he has long become an indispensable part of our team. We are very grateful for his expertise and his friendly nature, which enriches our services.
On 04.12.2020 he received therefore from the management beside flowers, a bottle of sparkling wine and a small acknowledgment for his many years of reliable cooperation also a personal thank you from the management.
We are looking forward to further teamwork in the coming years and decades.

The SWT Services Team

before - after

general overhaul, before – after

Contactless alternative:

SWT offers corona compliant services

Financial constraints and hesitations regarding visitors in the company – Corona sometimes results in unfavorable conditions for maintenance and repairs. But there are alternatives.

Thanks to Corona, “saving” is right at the top of the agenda in many companies. Frequently occurring problems in the printing process, however, do not have to be accepted helplessly. If, for example, the adapters are frequently stuck or no longer clamped correctly, it is necessary to intervene before the clamping system is further – possibly irreparably – damaged by rough handling.

before - afterSWT therefore also offers the possibility of sending in impression cylinders and shafts and having them repaired or overhauled outside the company.

A general overhaul can ensure the continued smooth production flow in the company for a long time – at significantly lower costs than a new purchase. This saves money in the long term and helps to eliminate problems such as quality fluctuations in the print image, declining concentricity, or long set-up times.

The in-house repair workshop at the Ilsfeld site looks forward to receiving your order. For your planning reliability SWT Services will prepare a fixed price offer for you. Give us a call! We are pleased to give you more information.

SWT Services congratulates the winner of the anniversary raffle:

Schaeffler Aerospace wins exclusive maintenance

Schaeffler Aerospace Germany

Winner of our raffle:
Schaeffler Aerospace Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Interested companies had a few months to take part in our competition. Just in time for the SWT founding month of May, the winner of our maintenance, which was announced as the main prize, was drawn. Our congratulations go to Schaeffler Aerospace Germany GmbH & Co. KG, which was able to prevail over the competition in a random draw.

Since the celebrations this year are unfortunately somewhat shorter than originally planned due to the corona, we can at least pass on a bit of the festive atmosphere and look forward with the Schaeffler plant management to the forthcoming service visit.


Maintenance Flextrus AB

Maintenance Flextrus AB

Flextrus AB Sweden:

Increased efficiency through annual maintenance

Flextrus AB has been using SWT’s maintenance services since 2016.

While machine downtime was frequent in the past due to problems with the clamping system, there have been no breakdowns since then. With no stuck adapters, set-up times have been significantly reduced and it is possible to switch quickly from one job to another.
This also shows that the investment in annual professional maintenance is worthwhile in the end.
We look forward to continuing our good cooperation with Flextrus AB and will be happy to help keep everything running.


Deaconry certificate

Co-financing of the vehicle of the Schozach-Bottwartal diaconia center

New vehicle for the diaconia center

As an institution of the Protestant churches, the Diakonie stands for “practised charity”. Under this motto it fulfils numerous social tasks and helps people in need or in socially unjust circumstances. Around 10 million people in Germany receive advice, care, nursing and medical care from the Diakonie. This is an important project that we want to support with our contribution to the new vehicle. The cooperation of several sponsors made it possible for the Schozach-Bottwartal diaconia center in Ilsfeld to purchase a Ford Transit for employees and for the transport of accompanied persons.

SWT takes responsibility

Donation handover to JuLe Ilsfeld

From left to right: Mrs. Bachmann from JuLe Ilsfeld together with Mr. Ehrenfeld and Mrs. Fuchs from SWT Services at the first donation handover in October 2019.

Any company can help make the world a better place. There are many ways to do this. This starts with a pleasant working atmosphere and consideration for the employees. And, of course, with regard to our environment, a lot can be achieved by avoiding waste and saving resources. But it is also decisive for our future which people will live in it and how they will shape it. And here we can already help to promote social skills and education – as an investment in better interaction in the coming decades.

SWT Services GmbH & Co. KG has therefore decided to enter into a long-term partnership with a local children’s charity in order to offer unbureaucratic support where it is really needed.

With an assured annual donation of 1,000,-€ to the JuLe Ilsfeld (youth welfare in their actual environment) children, whose parents cannot afford it, are made possible tutoring, school material, the membership in a club or the participation in a leisure activity.

In addition, the JuLe looks after children with behavioural problems and promotes behavioural therapy. In this way, it is possible to contribute to the development of a healthy society at a very early stage. A great approach, which SWT not only supports financially, but also through the direct involvement of SWT employees in campaigns or activities.

In order to offer the young people perspectives, an insight into the world of work and also into handicraft activities, interested JuLe children can get a taste of the work processes at SWT at certain times.

A partnership for young people and a responsible investment in our future.

WT Services donates wet/dry vacuum cleaner to Diakonie-Sozialstation

SWT Services donates wet/dry vacuum cleaner to Diakonie-Sozialstation


SWT Services donates wet/dry vacuum cleaner to Diakonie-Sozialstation

On Saturday, the 16th June 2018 the cellar of the Diakonie-Sozialstation Flein-Talheim was flooded due to the heavy rain. The water could not flow out of the cellar by itself. The donation of SWT Services came just in time: a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. This means that the Diakonie-Sozialstation is prepared for further emergencies.

Bettina Späth (Managing Director) thanks Mr. Jörg Brenner (SWT Services) and his business partners on behalf of Diakonie-Sozialstation Flein-Talheim for the generous donation.

Certificate Queen Charlotte Foundation

Certificate Queen Charlotte Foundation


Since June 2012 SWT Services has been involved in the “Königin-Charlotte-Stift”

SWT Services supported the care institution located in Ilsfeld with the purchase of a new car (Renault Kangoo) in June 2012.

In August 2017, the care institution required a new car, so SWT Services was pleased to extend the existing sponsoring contract to support the Königin-Charlotte-Stift one more time.

cheque handover Steinbeis-Realschule Ilsfeld

cheque handover Steinbeis-Realschule Ilsfeld

Ilsfelder Heimatverein e. V.
Sponsoring for the advancement award of the endowment „Herbert Diener – Eugen Härle“

At the celebration of 50 years “Steinbeis-Realschule” in Ilsfeld the theatre group performanced a show devoted by the eponym of the school, Ferdinand von Steinbeis. For this performance the pupils received the advancement award „Herbert Diener – Eugen Härle“, which was sponsored by SWT Services. This price is awarded by pupils and teachers of the school in Ilsfeld, who delivered special performance for the regional history.

More information about the Steinbeis-Realschule: Steinbeis Realschule Ilsfeld

SWT Services supports the tennis club “Grün-Weiß Ilsfeld e. V.“ with a new sponsoring contract

Sponsoring TC Ilsfeld

Sponsoring TC Ilsfeld

The tennis club „Grün-Weiß Ilsfeld e.V.“ with a 60-years tradition decided to make a new construction of a 6-field tennis court including a small field and a knock-up wall as well as the establishment of a new clubhouse.

This investment in the future – which means a huge feat for the club – furthermore offers nearly 350 members the opportunity to pursue the tennis sport successfully in the amplitude as well as in competitive sport.

With effective 20 club teams, starting with the youngest, the „U10“ (in the age until 10 years) up to the seniors with over 60 years the tennis club welcome visiting teams all over Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ilsfeld. In addition the tennis club can offer a tennis court in the future, which satisfies the requirements of the modern and up-to-date tennis sport of the big youth department with 80 kids and youths.
SWT Services supported the tennis club with this action and was sponsoring a 18 x 2 meter windbreak for a clay court. In 2015 SWT Services renewed the sponsoring contract with the management of the tennis club for further three years and support the “TCI” therefore furthermore with pleasure.
SWT Services wish the tennis club „Grün-Weiß Ilsfeld e.V.“ all the best for the 60-years jubilee!

Read more about the tennis club „Grün-Weiß Ilsfeld e.V.“ and see the latest news:

SWT Services supports the association “TV Flein – Handball” with banner advertisements

Sponsoring TV Flein

Sponsoring TV Flein

The association „TV Flein“ offers attractive sport activities for a meaningful use of leisure time for young and old.

SWT Services sponsors banner advertisements for the next 3 years to achieve objectives of the association and the completely handball devision in Flein.

Our SWT Services-team wishes „TV Flein“ a lot of success for the following playing season.

Read more about „TV Flein – Handball“ and the latest news: