Tool Dynamic TD Preset Microset

For perfectionists

Balancing and presetting in one step. Two proven systems – a trendsetting innovation

Balancing and Microset presetting technology are combined perfectly in the Tool Dynamic Preset Microset. The tool is clamped in a high-precision balancing spindle with HAIMER’s proven adapter system. This saves time and increases accuracy because the tool no longer has to be reclamped.

  • Breakthrough state-of-the-art technology: Tool Dynamic Comfort Plus and Microset UNO Premium
  • Highest efficiency and time saving by combining two production stages
  • Utmost precision due to high precision clamping in HAIMER’s balancing adapters
  • Needs little space
  • Simple and logical operation with HAIMER TDC 4.0 and Microvision UNO with 27” multi-touchscreen
  • Adapter for all interfaces
  • Highest possible measuring convenience

The basis for accurate balancing of tool holders is the interface to the balancing machine. In order to be able to measure in a balancing quality class G 2.5 or similar at a speed of 15,000 rpm, it is essential to clamp the tool reproducibly.

Even the smallest runout differences lead to the permissible residual unbalance being exceeded. The clamping system must not exert any significant false influence on the measurement result.

The TD Preset Microset includes a unique adapter system that makes the balancing machine one of the most accurate on the market. Quality, comfort and ease of use at an excellent price-performance ratio.

TD Preset Microset

Characteristics identical to TD Comfort Plus

Icon polymer base

Base made of polymer concrete

Highest measuring accuracy due to heavy base

Icon Bedienung

User interface

Integrated user interface for easy handling of the machine

Icon Eindrehhilfe

Optical indexing help

Indication of the exact spindle angle position on display

Icon Lasermarkierung

Laser marking

Indicates the position of unbalance and correction with a laser

Icon Radialbohren

Drilling radial

Balancing by drilling radially

Icon Auswuchtringsoftware

Software for compensation with balancing rings

Balancing by rings or other movable weights

Icon Umschlagwuchten

Index balancing

Compensation of measuring errors by index balancing (2 measuring runs, indexing angle 180°)

Icon Spindelkompensation

Balancing with spindle compensation

Quick and precise measurement of repetition parts (single measuring run)

Icon eine Ebene

Balancing in 1 plane

Measuring and compensation of unbalance in 1 plane (static)

Icon 2 planes

Balancing in 2 planes

Measuring and compensation of unbalance in 2 planes (dynamic unbalance)

Icon Automatic indexing

Automatic indexing

Turns the spindle on the selected angle position and simplifies exact positioning of spindle

Icon Rack for accessories

Rack for accessories

Storage rack with two integrated drawers for balancing adapters and further accessories

Icon balancing software

Balancing software TDC 4.0

New software with user-friendly graphical interface and touchscreen-control

Icon print label

Print label

Print balancing result on label

Icon tool control

Tool Control incl. touchscreen

Console for the storage of the integrated TFT-monitor, keyboard, mouse, as well as for a printer and other accessories.

Comfortable usage via touchscreen for integrated PC (Package incl. 19˝ touchscreen in top-quality, keyboard, mouse)

Icon Sprachen


Languages for user interface

Additional benefits of the TD Preset Microset

  • Rugged, durable cast iron construction
  • Thermo-optimized material combination for improved repeatability
  • USB / LAN data output
  • Storage drawers for balancing adapters and tool accessories in the Tool Control Software operation via 27″ multi-touch screen or keyboard & mouse for maximum ease of use
  • Special hood type 3: Protective hood for extra long tools with max. 700 mm length and 400 mm diameter
  • Second laser for laser marking from above
  • Technology package: incident light, edge finder, release-by-touch
  • Sigma function
  • Repeatability ± 2 μm
  • Manual fine adjustment
  • Memory for 1,000 zero points and tools
  • Simple and intuitive Microvision measurement software
  • RFID- system manual (optional)
  • Bidirectional interface (optional)
  • Post processor (optional)

Technical details TD Preset Microset

Dimensions (WxHxD)/[mm]2000 × 1800 × 850
Weight [kg]550
Spindle speed [rpm]300 – 1100
Measuring accuracy [gmm]< 0,5
Power requirements [V/Hz]230 / 50 – 60
Power usage [kW]1,5
repeatability [mm]± 0,002
Visual indicator [mm]0,001
Compressed air [bar]5-6
max. tool length balancing [mm]700
max. tool length measuring and presetting [mm]400
max. tool diameter [mm]400
max. tool weight [kg]30

Your advantages of the TD Preset Microset at a glance

  • Simple operation through photorealistic input dialog
  • Automatic software switch by positioning the measuring arm
  • Non-contact measurement with a high-resolution camera and digital image processing, incl. measuring software „Microvision“ with all important measuring functions of a modern and up-to-date presetting device
  • Convenient operation, menu-driven via PC and 27“ touchscreen
  • Large hood for tool holders with max. 700 mm length. Balancing in 1 plane (static) and 2 planes (dynamic)
  • Various measuring and balancing methods
  • Optional Grinding wheel edge finder: ideal for measuring grinding wheel packages and subsequently balancing for best grinding results
  • RFID ready (Balluff etc.) to read and write balance grade and max. rotation
  • Ready for barcode scanner
  • HAIMER DAC (Data Analyzer & Controller) ready
  • Built-in drawer cabinet for storing accessories

Basic equipment of the TD Preset Microset

Machine & Tool Control

  • Robust, long-life cast iron construction
  • Base made of polymer concrete
  • Thermally optimised material combination for improved repeatability
  • USB / LAN data output
  • Windows 10
  • Storage rack with two integrated drawers
  • Storage drawers for balancing adapters and tool accessories in the Tool Control
  • Software via 27” multi-touchscreen or mouse & keyboard for maximum usability
  • Label printer (on option)

Tool Presetting

  • Technology package: incident light, edgefinder, release-by-touch
  • Sigma function
  • ± 2 μm repeatability
  • Manual fine adjustment
  • Memory for 1.000 zero points and tools
  • Easy and intuitive Microvision measuring software
  • Manual RFID system (on option)
  • Bi-directional interface (on option)
  • Post processor (on option)


  • Integrated user interface for easy handling of the machine
  • Optical indexing help
  • Laser marking
  • 2nd. laser (from above)
  • Index balancing
  • Drilling radial
  • Balancing with spindle compensation
  • Software for compensation with balancing rings
  • Balancing in 1 and 2 planes
  • Balancing software TDC 4.0

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