Tool Dynamic TD 1002

For minimalists

Balancing machine for balancing tools, tool holders and grinding wheels in 1 and 2 planes (optional).

  • Force measuring table and complementary machine
  • Optimized for balancing of grinding wheels
  • For small batch lots, single application, standard chucks and grinding wheel packages
  • Adapter with automatic clamping system

Characteristics TD 1002

  • Safety hood with automated door lock
  • Special high precision spindle bearings
Icon Unterbau

Vibration optimized base

Adapted table for optimized base

Icon Bedienung

User interface

Integrated user interface for easy handling of
the machine

Icon Eindrehhilfe

Optical indexing help

Indication of the exact spindle angle position on display

Icon Lasermarkierung

Laser marking

Indicates the position of unbalance and correction with a laser

Icon Radialbohren

Drilling radial

Balancing by drilling radially

Icon Auswuchtringsoftware

Software for compensation with balancing rings

Balancing by rings or other movable weights

Icon Umschlagwuchten

Index balancing

Compensation of measuring errors by index balancing (2 measuring runs, indexing angle 180°)

Icon Spindelkompensation

Balancing with spindle compensation

Quick and precise measurement of repetition parts (single measuring run)

Icon eine Ebene

Balancing in 1 plane

Measuring and compensation of unbalance in 1 plane (static)

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Languages for user interface

Technical details TD 1002

Dimensions (WxHxD)/[mm]500 × 680 × 820
Weight [kg]200
Spindle speed [rpm]600 – 1100
Measuring accuracy [gmm]< 1,0
Power requirements [V/Hz]230 / 50 – 60
Power usage [kW]0,4
Compressed air [bar]6
max. tool length [mm]360
max. tool diameter [mm]340
max. tool weight [kg]15
TD 1002

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