Professional Balancing Machines

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Our range of products includes the following machines:

TD 1002

TD 1002

For minimalists

Balancing in 1 or optionally 2 levels for small series, single applications and standard chucks as well as grinding wheels.

TD 2009

TD 2009

The all-rounder

in four different variants that build on each other. Click below for an overview.

TD Preset Microset

TD Preset Microset


Combination of Microset UNO Premium presetting technology and the balancing technology of the TD 2009 Comfort Plus. Complete two operations in one, optionally in 1 or 2 levels.

TD 800

TD 800

For specialists

Balancing of large rotors up to Ø 800 mm, bearing rings, grinding wheels or turbine wheels in 1 or 2 levels.

TD 2010 Automatic

TD 2010 Automatic

For professionals

CNC controlled balancing machine with fully automatic correction of unbalance in 1 or 2 levels by drilling, milling or grinding – horizontal and vertical.

Variants TD 2009

Tool Dynamic TD 2009


Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Economic

For beginners

Balancing in one level via user interface.

Economic Plus

Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Economic Plus

For advanced users

Balancing in two levels via user interface with fixed location compensation, automatic turning in and drawer cabinet for accessories.


Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Comfort

For ambitious users

Balancing in two levels via PC, keyboard and TFT screen with fixed location compensation, automatic turning, milling program and TDC 4.0 balancing software.

Comfort Plus

Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Comfort Plus

For perfectionists

Same performance as TD 2009 Comfort, but with optimized touchscreen operation, integrated PC, shelves for balancing accessories and maximum equipment.

We also offer you the option of upgrading your existing balancing machines. This particularly sustainable form of modernization is currently under the keyword “retrofit” especially in demand due to the environmental aspect. For example, new software, an external display or a modification according to customer requirements can make the operation of older models considerably easier.

In addition, our service technicians will be happy to perform the recommended annual maintenance on your premises to ensure the long-term measuring accuracy of your balancing machine.

Our balancing machines in detail:

Tool Dynamic TD 1002

Balancing Machine to balance tool holders in 1 and 2 levels.

Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Economic

Unbalance measurement and balance of the unbalance in one level (static). Easy handling with integrated keyboard and screen.

Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Economic Plus

Balancing in two dimensions. With laser marking, optical screw-in aid and automatic screw-in of the spindle. The “fixed position correction” allows balancing with balancing screws for rotors with threaded holes.

Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Comfort

Equipped with PC, keyboard, mouse and screen. Software offers unbalance correction by milling.

Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Comfort Plus

Optimized touch screen operation, integrated PC, comfortable storage space for your balancing accessories and a maximum of equipment make balancing fast, pleasant and very easy.

Tool Dynamic TD Preset

Haimer balancing technology and Zoller measuring technology have been combined to a perfect combination in the “Tool Dynamic TD Preset”. The tool is clamped in a high-precision balancing spindle with the proven adapter system from Haimer. This saves time and increases accuracy.

Tool Dynamic TD 800

Basis for balancing large rotors of all kinds. Bearing rings, grinding wheels or turbine wheels are balanced with tailor-made clamping adapters.

Tool Dynamic TD 2010 Automatic

Universal CNC-controlled balancing machine with automatic correction of unbalance. The unbalance is removed in one or two dimensions by drilling, milling or grinding. Machining can be done horizontally and vertically. The balancing machine is operated via integrated 19” touch screen.