Tool Dynamic TD Preset

Tool balancing and presetting

Two approved systems – a trendsetting innovation

Tool balancing and presetting are key elements of modern manufacturing. It is obviously a good idea to combine these two procedures. The Tool Dynamic TD Preset is a perfect combination of HAIMER’s balancing technology and Zoller’s measuring technology. The tool is clamped in the high precision balancing spindle fitted with HAIMER’s proven adapter system. This saves time and increases accuracy because the tool does not have to be re-clamped.

Forward-looking high technology by technology leaders

  • Highest efficiency and time saving because of the combination of two work processes
  • Utmost precision due to high precision clamping in HAIMER’s balancing adapters
  • Reasonable price-performance ratio
  • Lesser required space
  • Simple and logical operation
  • Adapter for all interfaces
  • Highest possible measuring comfort

Basis for an exact balancing of tool holding devices is the interface of balancing machines. For measuring in a balancing quality class G 2,5 or similar with a motor speed of 15.000 U/min is it esssential to strain the tool repeatable.

Lowest radial deviations already lead to an excess of the legal rest unbalance. The clamping system is not enable to execute an essential error influence of the measuring result.

As a manufacturer of tool holders we know all interfaces exactly. Because of this we was able to develop an unique adapter system which enable our balancing machines to be the most exactly in the market. We offer you quality, comfort and operator friendly for a reasonable price-performance ratio.

Basic equipment Tool Dynamic Preset


  • Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo with at least 1,8 GHz, 1 GB main store
  • V.24- , and more USB- intrtfaces. DVD-RW-device for data saving and hard disk of at least 60 Gbyte. 17 inch TFT color display with dual-service touch and keyboard. Operation system Windows XP- Professional
  • Professional balancing- and measuring machine with an integrated base of polymer concrete (vibration-isolating), especially developed for the balancing and measuring of tool holdings, tools and slip plates
  • PC-, keyboard- and monitor holder
  • Highest measuring precision because of a high weight and a massive construction
  • Also usable for high and heavy rotors
  • Exactly adapter system for all normal interfaces
  • Operator friendly menu navigation with touchscreen
  • Cover with automatically interlock
  • User language is selectable: German, English, French
  • Innovative and operater friendly because of modular construction – every time developable


  • Visual balancing software TDC 4.0 for a comfortable touchstreen operation
  • Balancing in 1 level (static) and in 2 levels (dynamic)
  • Power measuring system (hard storage technology) with a vertical spindle
  • One-time calibration for all rotors
  • Visual display of the unbalance for every level on the screen
  • Typing in of the balancing tolerance in balancing goods (G or Q) according to DIN ISO 1940
  • Typing in of the balancing tolerance according to DIN 69888
  • Clearly display if the balancing tolerance is achieved
  • Control function of the calibration for the inspection of measuring and testing equipment according to ISO 9000 ff

Various measuring procedures for all applications

  • Simple measuring – rotation measuring – simple mesuring with spindle compensation – measuring with zeroing
  • Several applications for a balance of the unbalance: weighting – balancing rings – milling
  • Software for Printing the balancing result on label
  • Diagnosis for the function control of the machine (offline diagnosis for error diagnostics of the manufacturer)
  • Extensive tool management (dates of rotors): Ca. 5.000 datasets administrable
  • Comfortable merge program and searching function for tool data

Measuring and setting:

  • „Pilot 3.0“ – software for picture processing
    -camera with telecentric telezentrischem objektiv and software for automatical measuring and setting of several tools and cutting edge
  • Real-time measuring
    The cutting edge will be recognised immediately. The modus of the focus starts and the measuring is executing.
  • Automatical zero point control
    This technology of Zoller provide befor measuring for a correctly use of the zero point
  • Assistance system
    The smart assistance system offers for every function an easy instruction.
  • Adapter- and tool management
    For a common use of database of all intermateable devices for adjustment and measuring.
  • Tool database for any tools
    For a common use of database of all intermateable devices for adjustment and measuring. Zero points, acquire tool data and save them.
  • Touchscreen-, mouse- and keyboard operating
    Flexible typing options according to working place as well as customer requires.
  • Coloured focus display
    For a faster and easier determination of the maximal turning point of the cutting edge.
  • Ausschnitts- / Messbereichserkennung
    Garantiert wiederholgenaue und bedienerunabhängige Messungen
  • Drucken von Etiketten, Listen und Protokollen
    Es werden alle gängigen Drucker und Druckformate unterstützt.
  • Messablauf „Größte Schneide“
    Mehrschneidige Werkzeuge werden Schneide um Schneide gemessen, Korrekturmaße markiert.
  • Automatische Schneidenformerkennung
    Die Schneidengeometrien werden automatisch erkannt und sinnvolle Messroutinen angeboten.
  • Setup-System
    Zur einfachen Voreinstellung von Sprache, Druckereinstellung, Bildschirmschoner etc.
  • Navigationssystem „compass“
    Innovatives Navigationselement speziell für manuelle Einstell- und Messgeräte
  • Dynamisches Fadenkreuz
    Legt sich automatisch blitzschnell an die im Blickfeld der Kamera erscheinende Schneide.
  • Grafische Bedienoberfläche
    Mit selbsterklärenden Funktionstasten, speziell für den Werkstattbereich konzipiert.
  • Schneideninspektion
    Zum Prüfen der Werkzeugschneide im Auflicht – in exzellenter Zoller Qualität.
  • Max-Kontur „C.R.I.S“
    Das System erfasst und misst die Kontur, die das rotierende Werkzeug am Werkstück erzeugt.