Maintenance and Overhaul of your Clamping System

As a competent service partner for the complete clamping system of expansion shaft and carbon adapter we are pleased to be available from sales to start-up, inspection, overhauling as well as maintenance and repair. Within a very short time we can also operate a completely general overhaul of your hydraulic expansion shaft (printing cylinder/anilox roll).

Furthermore, we can give you detailed information about the condition of your clamping system (carrier wave and carbon adapter) at your flexo printing machine. Our specialised maintenance service for printing cylinders and anilox rolls offers you an operation of your clamping system without problems. A target-actual-comparison represents a detailed information of strenghts and weaknesses of your clamping system.

Flexible maintenance times at fixed prices

With the Flexo Printing Technology Service of SWT Services your hydraulic mandrels always operate with full performance.

As a full service partner SWT Services offers a comprehensive complete program with a permanent successful application of your special clamping device. We will maintain your hydraulic mandrels also out of your operation time to avoid unnecessary machine downtimes.

We realise services like inspections, maintenances and minor repairs or overhaulings directly on-site. We are pleased to repair defective expansion shafts completely in our location and update them. In individual cases we adapt clamping parameters to the environmental conditions on-site.

The creation of an individual service plan and a guaranteed fixed price enables you to make precisely calculable maintenance arrangements.

Flexo printing inspection

Due to regular inspections you always know the actual condition of your clamping system. You can prevent disturbances or unplanned machine breakdowns and plan overhauling in time.

Your advantage:

Our qualified technicans give you information about the actual condition of your clamping tool and we advice you about further procedures.

flexoprinting inspection

Our Services:

  • Complete and detailed inspection
  • Testing and determination of the actual condition on the basis of a detailed checklist
  • List of necessary measures for problem solving
  • Customised consulting about further procedures
  • Creation of a detailed cost overview for reparing

Flexo printing maintenance

SWT Services is a worldwide expert for cross-manufacturer clamping-, balancing- and flexo printing technology service.

With the systematical machine maintenance of our clamping technology experts, you can use the performance of your clamping devices completely. You reduce machine downtimes of a minimum and prevent damages for human and machine.

SWT Services offers you the following services for your flexo printing machine:

  • Control of all hydraulic mandrels and carbon adapters (target-actual comparison)
  • Maintenance according to an individual service plan
  • Optimisation of the complete clamping system
  • Control of all important components
  • Optimisation of quality for process safety
  • Training of all machine operators
  • Fixed price guarantee
flexoprinting maintenance

Overhaul of your flexo printing machine

You can get a fast and professional support of SWT Services in every special case. Short distances for suitable spare parts are guaranteed. Because of this you can continue easily with the manufacturing after a machine breakdown.

Your advantage:

Because of fast, competent and uncomplicated overhauling we provide you a quick recovery of your manufacturing capability.

flexoprinting overhaul

Our Services:

  • Checking of your complete clamping system (hydraulic mandrels and carbon adapter)
  • Overhauling on site or at our location
  • Spare parts supply
  • Exchange of damaged components
  • Function testing of all parts according to the checklist
  • Training of all machine operators

Flexo print spare parts & accessories

Our worldwide on-site service is also available to ensure the reliable operation of your flexo printing machine.

Your advantage:

Benefit from a fast supply of spare parts which enables less machine breakdowns. We offer you all spare parts from one source, in best quality and availability. The suitable accessory is essential for your machine and can extend service life.

Our services:

  • Support for finding the identification of the parts
  • Stock holding of original parts
  • Shortest delivery times, the parts are handed over to the carrier for shipping on the order date
  • 12 month warranty of all spare parts
flexoprinting spareparts

Flexo print training & instruction

Our experts teach with practical and individual trainings.

training and instruction

Your advantage:

Our qualified technicians will provide you with the know-how about the correct functioning and operation of your clamping tools at your location. This prevents an incorrect handling and guarantees a production process without problems. Because of this you will extend the service life of your machine.

Our services:

  • Training of your machine operators
  • Practical instruction on site
  • Answer to open questions