Clamping Technology Service:

Lathe chuck maintenance at a fixed price

SWT Services is the worldwide working expert for different manufacturers in clamping-, balancing- and flexo printing technology service.
With the systematical lathe chuck maintenance of our clamping technology experts, you can use the effort of your clamping tools completely. You reduce machine failures of a minimum and you prevent damages for human and machine.

This you get all for a fair flat rate.

SWT flat rate for lathe chuck maintenance contains the following services:

  1. Disassembly
    Removal of lathe chucks by professional
    SWT Services technicians directly in your company.
  2. Spindle Control
    Examination and cleaning of the machine spindle.
  3. Cleaning
    Disassembly of the lathe chucks and cleaning of all components in a mobile cleaning system.
  4. Visual Check
    Examination of all important components. Replacement of damaged components of original spare parts.
  5. Assembly
    Assembly of the lathe chuck as well as installation on the customer’s machine.
  6. Technical function control
    Checking of all technical relevant values.
  7. Instruction/Training
    Instruction of the employees to handle with the clamping tools perfectly. If requested we can find a common definition of lubrication intervals and other maintenance procedures which are meeting your exact requirements.
  8. Spare- and Wear Part Service
    In consultation with you, procurement and professional assembly of spare- and wear parts. Material and expense will be charged separately.