Balancing Technology Service:

Maintenance of balancing machines for a fixed price

SWT Services is a worldwide active expert for a manufacturer independent clamping- and balancing service.
With the systematical maintenance of the balancing machines thanks of our balancing technician experts you will guarantee a correct function of your balancing machine as well as you can exclude measurement errors.

That all for a fair fixed price.

The SWT maintenance fixed price for balancing machines includes the following services:

  1. Registration of actual condition
    Analysis and reporting of all actual information of the machine thanks of experienced SWT service technicians directly at your location.
  2. Complete cleaning
    Removal of your machine frame and completely cleaning of the machine with special cleaners.
  3. Control of function
    Control of all important parts. Replacement of all damaged parts in original spare parts.
  4. Spindle check
    Control of machine spindle of runout defects, damages of storage and wear.
    Control of adapters of correct operation and wear.
  5. Position zero angle
    Control and position of the laser.
  6. Examination of the safety arrangements
    Safety test of door switch and emergency stop.
  7. Software control
    Testing and, if necessary, updating of the software.
  8. Analysis of diagnostic report
    Analysis of measuring errors which appear because of external influences.
  9. Calibration
    Calibration of the machine and reporting of all rotation speeds.
  10. Inspection protocol/testing label
    Documentation of the checking and the next testing date (in accordance with the actual certification rules).
  11. Spare- and wear parts service
    In consultation with you we offer you a providing and professional assembly of wear- and spare parts. Material and effort therefor will be charged separately.
  12. Additional costs
    In our maintenance fixed price are all costs of arrivals and departures, accommondations and charges, etc. included.