Power Clamp Profi Line

Profi Line: Modular All-rounder.

The Profi Line offers the full range of performance and is unbeatable in efficiency. High performance coils, contact cooling and rotary table guarantee simultaneous shrinking and cooling in record time. No wishes remain unfulfilled. The machines of the Profi Line work with both the standard coils and the intelligent and comfortable NG coils.

Of course, the equipment recognizes each coil and chooses the correct shrink fit parameters automatically. The shrink fit units of the Profi Line form a modular system. The start-up machine Power Clamp Economic can gradually be upgraded to the high-end unit Power Clamp Comfort NG.

The Haimer Power Clamp Profi Serial includes the following machines:

Power Clamp Economic

Power Clamp Economic NG

Power Clamp Economic Plus

Power Clamp Economic Plus NG

Power Clamp Comfort NG

Power Clamp Profi Plus NG

Power Clamp Preset NG