Power Clamp Basic Line

Basic Line: Concentrating on the basics.

The Basic Line is the economical entrance into inductive shrink fit technology. The power electronics enables problem free shrinking. The mechanical construction of the equipment has, on the other hand, been kept deliberately simple and functional. There are just single chuck solutions. The Basic Line equipment is exclusively designed for operation with standard coils.  It is not possible to upgrade.
The Basic Line is ideal for the price-conscious user, who only wants to shrink a few tools on a daily basis.
For micro machining purposes the special horizontal shrink fit unit. Power Clamp Nano is part of the program. It combines perfectly easy tool handling of small diameters and fast tool exchange.
The Haimer Power Clamp Serial includes the following machines:

Power Clamp NANO

Simple shrinking machine for small tools.


Power Clamp Basic

Normal shrinking machine for all tools (HM and HSS).