Tool Dynamic TD Software 4.0

New intelligent balancing software

Balancing is now even easier and more user-friendly. The user interface is completely made up of graphics. Buttons with symbols replace the text fields in most locations. Selection can take place using function buttons, by clicking the mouse or by touching the screen.

The proven simple design of the old interface has been kept. Anyone who already knows the Tool Dynamic can work with the new software without any problems.

In addition, there is a series of further functions

User management makes it possible to assign different access rights. For example, one user can create new tool data and determine balance tolerances while another may only call up the existing data and carry out the balancing procedure.

A help function makes operation easier for new and occasional users. If required, a short function description can be displayed as a reminder. An assistant function guides through all function processes, so that balancing is made even easier.

  • Definition of forbidden areas where the compensation of the unbalance is not possible
  • Calculation of alternative balancing positions
  • New design – even more user-friendly
  • Operation with touchscreen (optional)
  • User management with access rights
  • Connection to external scales possible
  • Help function for buttons
  • Assistant function for the most important processes
  • Allocation of balance tolerances by machine type
  • Tool management with database
  • Tool data management in folder structure
  • Simple data exchange with other systems, e.g. tool data management

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