Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Comfort Plus

Modular Balancing System

The new Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Comfort Plus offers a maximum of usability and comfort.

If you use the TD 2009 Comfort Plus you will never loose your target during the balancing progress. You would like to balance your tools efficiently, fast and without being an expert? Then you have to choose Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Comfort Plus – optimised touchscreen operating, integrated PC, comfortable storages for your balancing accessories and a maximum of equipment make balancing fast, convenient and very easy.

Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Comfort Plus

Vibration optimised base

Base made of polymer concrete

Operator interface

Integrated operator interface for easy handling of the machine

Visual screwing help

Indication of the exact spindle angle position on display

Laser marking

Indicates the position of unbalance and correction with a laser

Print label

Print balancing result on label

Drilling radial

Balancing by drilling radially

Software for compensation with balancing rings

Balancing by balancing rings or sliding blocks

Rotation balancing

Compensation of measuring errors by rotation balancing (2 measurings, rotation angle 180°)

Balancing with spindle compensation

Quick and precise measurement of repetition parts (1 measuring)

Balancing in 1 level

Measuring and compensation of unbalance in 1 level (static)

Balancing in 2 levels

Measuring and compensation of unbalance in 2 levels

Fixed components

Fixed components

Automatic screwing

Automatic screwing

Caabinet for accessories

Cabinet for accessories

Milling program

Milling program

Balancing software TD 4.0

Balancing software TD 4.0


Languages for operator interface

Control terminal incl. touchscreen

Console for storage of touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, printer and further accessories (only together with Balancing software TD 4.0)

Technical Details TD 2009 Comfort Plus
Dimensions [mm] 1100x1500x820
Weight [kg] 450
Spindle speed [U/min] 300-1100
Measuring accuracy [gmm] < 0,5
Power requirements [V/Hz] 230/50 – 60
Power usuage [kW] 0,4
Compressed air [bar] 6
Max. tool length [mm] 400
If requested 700
Max. tool diameter [mm] 380
If requested 700
Max. tool weight [mm] 30