Tool Dynamic equipment options

further equipment options

instructionTD 1002Tool Dynamic TD 2009TD 800
EcoEco PlusComfortCF Plus
Vibration optimized
Adapted table for
optimized base
Base made of
polymer concrete
Highest measuring
accuracy due to
heavy base
User interfaceIntegrated user
interface for easy
handling of the
Optical indexing
Indication of the
exact spindle
angle position
on display
Laser markingIndicates the position of unbalance
and correction with a laser
Print labelPrint balancing
result on label
Drilling radialBalancing by
drilling radially
Software for
compensation with
balancing rings
Balancing by rings
or other movable
Index balancingCompensation of
measuring errors
by index balancing
(2 measuring runs,
indexing angle 180°)
Balancing with spindle compensation
Quick and precise
measurement of
repetition parts (single measuring run)
Balancing in 1 planeMeasuring and
of unbalance in
1 plane (static)
Balancing in
2 planes
Measuring and compensation of unbalance in 2 planes (dynamic unbalance)
Fixed componentsEnables balancing
at predefined positions, e. g. with
balancing screws
Automatic indexingTurns the spindle
on the selected
angle position
and simplifies
exact positioning of
Rack for accessoriesStorage rack with
two integrated drawers for balancing
adapters and further
Milling programMilling program
allows correction
of unbalance via
Balancing software
TD 4.0
New software with
user-friendly graphical interface and touchscreen-control
Screen holderComfortable tray
to place PC-screen
and keyboard
Control terminal
incl. touchscreen
Console for storage
of touchscreen,
keyboard, mouse,
printer, and further
accessories (only
together with Balancing software TD 4.0)
TouchscreenTFT monitor with
PC & TFT-screenPackage for comfortable usage via keyboard
for integrated (includes TFT screen, keyboard, mouse)
PC & TouchscreenPackage for comfortable usage via touch screen for integrated PC (includes sophisticated 19 ̋
touchscreen, keyboard, mouse)
Specific weight functionEnables specification of the specific
weight of the rotor
to be balanced, if different from steel
Drilling axialEnables balancing
of rotors by axial
drilling, e. g. for
grinding wheels
Index balancing with
free indexing angle
Index balancing of
rotors which can
not be indexed
180° (e. g. Capto
Software for printout of reportPrintout of a detailed measuring
protocol (balancing




not available

Subject to technical changes